Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Snow/Ice Day 2011

I know this is not a food related post but this is called Randomosity and the Girl so I thought we could use a little more...random around here. I'm going to try to post more non-food posts in the future. Especially weight loss related since I'm almost 40 lbs (woo hoo!) down on Weight Watchers. Of course, it all depends on school. I'm half way through my master's so we will see.

Snow/Ice Day 2011

We had ourselves a little 'snow' day here in Dallas today. Those in the Northeast see much, much more than we have so far but for Dallas...this was a lot. The parking lot in my apartment complex was pretty much a sheet of ice. DISD closed for the day so my office shut down as well. And it looks like I'll have tomorrow off too because DISD has already posted their closure notice. Woo hoo! I think that's more snow days than I got when I was in school as a kid. This is Texas after all. We can get pretty chilly in the winter but snow/ice isn't all that normal. At least not when it comes to sticking to the ground.

Snow/Ice Day 2011

Aww...doesn't my baby look so cute in his little sweater? He only gets to wear one about once a year since I'm a little forgetful. I know. I'm a bad mom.

Charlie loves the snow. He prances through it, sniffing every little section he can. My mom's dog, Sugar, on the other hand refuses to go outside.

Snow/Ice Day 2011

It was quite funny to listen to people try and leave the parking lot this morning. And scrape ice of their windows. Oh the joys of having an attached garage! And not having to go to work!

Apparently, we aren't going to warm up for a few days so it's going to be interesting for a few days. Dallas drivers freak out at the little hint of precipitation so continued ice on the ground is no doubt going to through most people for a loop. Hopefully, I'll be able to avoid all that and stay nice and warm inside!

P.S. If Charlie has been outside, watch out for yellow snow! ;)


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Anne said...

Charlie is adorable in his sweater! Stay warm and great job on your weight loss, that's awesome!

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