Friday, March 12, 2010

HBinFive: Avocado Guacamole Bread and Pesto Pine Nut Bread


Pesto Pine Nut Bread

Up first for the next round of HBinFive was the Pesto Pine Nut Bread.  Pesto is one of my favorite sauces but I rarely make it.  I can't seem to keep basil alive and the packages at the store are too expensive most of the time.  But this bread sounded like it may be delicious so I decided to switch the basil for spinach.  I used a recipe from Giada de Laurentiis.  Very, very tasty.  I will definitely make the spinach pesto again.

Pesto Pine Nut Bread

While the unbaked bread looked wonderful with it's pesto speckled surface, the baked version looked a little plain.  If the pine nuts had not been visible, I would have thought it was just a loaf of wheat bread.  But appearances aren't everything so I sliced into the loaf to see how the taste came across.  Ummm...not exactly the best thing I've tasted.  There was no pesto taste.  Not even a tiny hint of it.  Like the appearance, the taste failed to do anything for me.  There was a slightly odd after taste that I couldn't quite place.  It didn't taste like the pesto that's for sure.

Avocado Bread

Next was the avocado guacamole bread.  I am a huge avocado fan.  I can eat it plain, in a guacamole, on a burger, etc.  I had never tried it in a bread before.  It's not like avocado is the first thing you think of when you want to make a bread.  But I'm eager to try my favorite foods in different ways.  I added in extra avocado because one did not seem like enough.  I also left part of it slightly chunky so there would be well...chunks of avocado obviously.

Avocado Bread

The first batch of the avocado guacamole bread was made into buns.  By themselves they were rather plain.  Not much avocado taste unless you got a chunky piece of avocado.  The texture was also a little off.  I added a few slices of cheddar and made a little sandwich in an effort to get something tasty out of it.  The avocado flavor wasn't any different but the cheddar really paired well with the bread as a whole.  I'm not sure what made it better with the cheese but it definitely worked.

Avocado Bread

With the last of the avocado guacamole bread, I made a single loaf.  This time I liked the texture of the bed much better.  I think this was due to baking the bread directly on a baking stone and using the steam method in the directions.  Taste wise it wasn't any different.  

I'm not sure I'll make either of these breads again.  Neither of them wowed me despite using some of my favorite ingredients.  I really wanted to like them but in the end I was just kind of ehhh about both of them.  I did get some amazing pesto out of it so that's a plus for sure!

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8 Treats for Charlie:

Michelle said...

I did notice a difference in taste with the Pesto Pine Nut bread but I used more White Flour then WW flour. But with the Guacamole Bread tasted like WW bread to me but I sure loved the consistency of this bread...a gorgeous dough to work with!

Great idea to use more avocado and having some large chunks too.

Cristie said...

I have only made the pesto bread and really loved everything about it. I guess you really have to bake through the entire book to find out what you like!

Petra said...

like that picture with the cut open bun. great specks of color from the avocado and tomato. Looks like you used the ww pastry flour. Can't get that here but hopefully can locate an organic vs. when we return to the states

Femalechef said...

Great job!!!

Danielle said...

I too used more white flour than wheat. I find that the wheat takes over the flavors so much. Your breads look great! I didn't get any visible avocado chunks in mine...I think the avocado was super ripe so it mooshed

Elwood said...

I thought your bread and buns looked great, and with a slice of cheddar, yum.

Bonnie said...

I'm sorry that you didn't love these breads. Your loaves look lovely. I especially loved the pesto bread, but I used my homemade pesto with pine nuts and basil. It is a bit stronger flavored than store bought. It made great pizza crust.

Lori said...

They look so yummy though!

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