Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TWD: Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes


After my cocoa-nana bread disaster of last week, I was not looking forward to another chocolate recipe this week. But at least this one looked a lot better and tastier. Kristin of I’m Right About Everything picked Milk Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes, pages 188 and 189.

I didn't have any milk chocolate so I used semi-sweet and upped the amount of sugar to 1/2 cup. I also left out the swirl and went straight chocolate cake (with buttermilk). When it came time to put the batter in the mini bundt pans, I wasn't sure it was going to be enough. There didn't seem to be a lot of batter. But I trusted Dorie and tried to put an even amount in six of the bundt pans. And of course, it was just the right amount. Thankfully the cakes rose up just enough to fill the pans.

Chocolate Mini Bundt Cake

These cakes were delicious. Chocolatey without being overwhelming and perfectly tender. It definitely made up for last week. I dusted mine with powdered sugar instead of using the glaze since many of the bakers had issues with it. I think my cakes were the better for it because it would have been too much chocolate if I had used it. If this was the summer time, I would have put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top because this was a perfect ice cream cake. Actually... I probably would have put some on if I had some ice cream even though it was below freezing when I made them. I'm weird like that.

To see more Milk Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes, check out the TWD blogroll. You can get this weeks recipe at Kristin of I’m Right About Everything or in Baking on pages 188 and 189.


6 Treats for Charlie:

Sabrina said...

Beautiful job!!! That looks lovely!

chocolatechic said...

Lovely cake.

I tweaked the recipe.

I also halved it, and we all loved it.

Anne said...

Your changes look perfect Heather! I'll have to do the semi sweet next time. So glad you said hi! :)

Gabe's Girl said...

Just perfect!

Jaime said...

glad you liked this one! i didn't make the cocoa nana bread b/c i had heard rumors it wasn't so great ahead of time.

The Queen of Quite a Lot said...

I have ice cream even in the winter, so I don't think it's weird to want it now with these cakes! Thanks for baking with me this week!

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